银行 & 保险

Y&L brings valuable knowledge gained through 20+ years of experience in delivering innovative technology solutions for banks, 信用合作社, 保险公司, 以及其他金融服务公司. Y&L’s financial professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the financial industry and the technology utilized.

通过商业智能实践,Y&L enables financial clients to identify customers by product/service usage and create targeted marketing lists for account growth initiatives. These lists can be merged with third-party demographic data for launching effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Y&L提供各种经过验证的金融365体育备用网解决方案, 例如应用程序开发, 应用程序支持, 产品定制和实施(i.e. SAP), 移民服务(合并/收购期间), 主要的服务器和桌面软件升级, 商业智能, 网络安全, IT帮助台服务. 我们的一些金融和保险客户包括 SWBC, 弗罗斯特银行, 伦道夫·布鲁克斯FCU, IBC银行, 汇丰银行, 美国银行(Bank of America), 富国银行(Wells Fargo), 美国运通, 休斯顿保险集团, FLI, 哈兰德克拉克, 阿尔戈号组, iLENDX, 信用人类联邦信用联盟, 德意志银行(Deutsche Bank), BNYMellon, Ameriprise金融, 彭博, 瑞银(UBS), 苏格兰皇家银行, 星展银行和汤森路透.


不断升级的客户期望, 在线银行bt365体育备用网站不断进步,以简化和改善客户体验, protecting customer data from identity theft and increasing regulatory requirements constantly impact the traditional banking and insurance sectors.

The banking industry will also be changed by the entrant of non-traditional competitors such as Apply Pay Cash (which allows customers to send and receive money), as well as coordinating with third-party companies to create APIs that require carefully opening up back-end customer data to others who can perform these activities better than their internal IT departments in order to achieve their objectives. Mobile banking alone brings with it its own challenges and opportunities around customer-to-business frictionless digital banking, 消费者对消费者一键支付, 新的cryptocurrency机会, password-free生物识别bt365体育备用网站, 定位服务和提供以及对话接口.

至于保险部门, 新市场为bt365体育备用网站创新提供了抢占市场份额的机会. 例如, Airbnb hosts who make income from their residences have a need for limited commercial coverage without the need of comprehensive commercial policies. Tech savvy 保险公司 can create targeted insurance solutions and deliver them digitally to this market.

对于千禧一代, 谁最有可能通过智能手机上的应用程序购买保险, they drive less than previous generations which gives way to providing a lower cost “pay-per-mile” automobile insurance. 和, 虽然千禧一代可能没有很高的住房所有权, 他们确实想为他们昂贵的财产(自行车)投保, 珠宝, 电子产品, 等.). 生活方式和体验市场继续发展,数字保险的机会也在不断增加.


  • 资本市场-托管,经纪服务,客户投资组合管理
  • 零售银行贷款处理申请-住房贷款,建筑贷款,消费贷款
  • 网上银行网站设计
  • 分支级CRM仪表板和性能分析
  • 银行和保险合规管理
  • 客户档案勘探
  • 钱包分析份额
  • 手机应用程序开发
  • 数据治理
  • 数字化分行网络改造
  • 用于收购的系统集成服务


在全球范围内,银行继续面临着挑战. They continue to cut costs while being pragmatic with their investments to improve revenue and compete effectively. 在当今的环境中,数字成熟已经成为一种生存需要.

365体育备用网面临的挑战 银365体育备用网战略 Y&L银行服务
利润率的压力 简化业务和运营模式,提高运营效率. 业务流程再造,机器人流程自动化,敏捷,DevOps咨询
来自金融科技和利基市场的竞争加剧 提高数字成熟, 利用数据作为竞争优势, 采用新的商业模式/新产品. 数字转型路线图大数据, 分析与可视化创新实验室-(区块链, 物联网, AI /毫升),
客户人口统计和交付期望的变化 以客户为中心,目标营销,投资创新和人才. 用户体验设计, 流动性, 熟练的人力资源, 预测分析, 情绪分析, 竞选仪表板
网络风险与身份盗窃 Invest in technology and security; Move away from legacy system to state of art. Legacy Modernization COTS Center of Excellence Information Security Best Practices Establish information access hierarchy.
不断变化的监管要求 数据治理过程和报告. 报告框架,GDPR咨询,巴塞尔,数据治理最佳实践实施